P.O. Box 64 Woodstock Vermont 05091
Welcome to the Glad Rags Sales website

Since 1964 - More than 100 sales!
Glad Rags sells quality new and used clothing and small household items.
The proceeds are donated to local charities

The Glad Rags Sales are always the 4th Saturday of April and the 4th Saturday of October.
For those who want even more time to shop Glad Rags is now a Two-Day Sale.
On Saturday, ~ 9:00 — 3:00 full price (no lunch break) 
On Sunday, ~ 10:00 — 1:00 half price (no lunch break)
Still at the Masonic Lodge on Pleasant Street in Woodstock, VT.  Proceeds Benefit Local Charities

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At ~ Glad Rags Clothing Sale - Vermont
Donation dates
Link for information*
        Spring Sale        
   Fall Sale  
Saturdays - July 8 & 22, from 10 AM - 2 PM, basement of Simmons House
Also August 12 & 26, September 9 & 23, and October 14th.
And Monday - Wednesday, October 23 - 25, 2017
April 22
October 28
April 28
October 27
Important note for shoppers:
We may not allow strollers (as required by insurance)
Nor will we allow back packs into the lodge.
Please leave all strollers and back packs in your vehicles!
Also after checking out please take your purchases back to your vehicle before attempting to enter the lodge again.
Are you looking for a place to help out? Click HERE for a description of working at Glad Rags

We hope to see you at
The Masonic Lodge
30 Pleasant Street in Woodstock Vermont
9AM - 12:30PM
& 1PM - 3PM
Click the link below to see:
A Google map page with the Masonic Lodge location
You have donations? Wonderful!
Please click on this link:

to see what we would prefer and what can fit into our small space.

Special donation dates!!

Glad Rags will be holding special donation drops - For details, click here

*For close to 50 years the Glad Rags Sale has made available good previously owned & new family clothing, all sizes, as well as accessories, shoes, jewelry, small household (bath, bedroom, and kitchen) items. Included in the sale are many new gifts donated by area stores.

Glad Rags’ loyal customers come from all over New England for a day or two of fun and bargains, with folks often lining up an hour or more before the sales begin.  For these reasons and more, Glad Rags relies heavily on donated items from the greater Woodstock Community to continue their success.

Would you like to be on our e-mail notification list? We send only a few messages per sale to the folks on our list, we are doing this instead of post cards.

If you'd like to be notified about upcoming sales or if you have any questions please e-mail gladrags.org@gmail.com.

We also have a FACEBOOK PAGE !  'Join' our group to receive the latest updates about Glad Rags.

Are you curious to know if the sale will be close to Easter?
Click HERE to see a chart comparing dates.

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What the volunteer does:

We work the six days before the sale in the Lodge AND the two sale dates.
The workers arrive around 9am, take a break for a catered lunch, and some stay on through 5pm.
Occasionally we have helpers come in for evening hours.

We unpack donations and sort them, choosing the best for our sale.
Then they are sent to each department where the workers look at them again and add a price tag to each article.
The workers then hang or stack the items in a nice fashion.

How to volunteer:

Contact us at the email address above or
Come into the Lodge at any time during the work day and ask for the sale chairman.
If you only have an hour to spare that is great! An afternoon - a day - all week!
The most appreciated time are the hours during the sales (we always need runners and cashiers)
and following the final sale - after 1 PM on Sunday.

Advantages of volunteering

The good feeling of course (o;
A nice time chatting with people like yourself as you work.
Also the opportunity to see what is for sale before the doors open on Saturday morning.
AND, if you help clean up Sunday afternoon, then there are treasures to be found!